I have recently found myself watching someone I care about make what I believe to be, a terrible mistake. After many sleepless nights and probably too many glasses of wine I have come up with more questions than answers.

First, who am I to decide that this person is making a mistake? Is it fair that I make the assumption that my friend’s personal judgement is flawed and that he or she is not capable of making appropriate decisions for their life?

What will be the impact on our relationship if I do not speak up? Is it better to keep my mouth shut and be ready to offer support when things go horribly wrong, as I believe they will, or is it better to speak up now and risk alienating someone who is very important to me?

What will the consequences be if I stand by and watch my friend make this mistake? Is it a mistake they can easily come back from or is it something that may alter their life in a negative way for the long term?

These are the big questions I have come up with, but there are many smaller, less impactful ones as well. The bottom line is that people in our lives often make questionable decisions that are painful to watch for those who love them. Sometimes if it becomes too painful for you personally, you have to make the decision to step away, but if the relationship is truly important to you, leave the door open.6CE226CD-DDD9-4D61-9B71-AF7ED8959C48

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