20FE90C2-A749-4FF5-BCC4-0BAB72C7C6D113B9A0D9-B139-43D9-89F0-D37808BAB226On Fathers Day we were lucky enough to have both children home for a few hours. During their visit, my upcoming birthday came up. I began talking about my plans for the party-date, time, food, cake, color theme, etc. They both listened attentively because even though I was making the plans, they know they, along with their dad, will be implementing them! When I mentioned a “two-tiered cake,” my daughter looked at me and said, “You’re having a two-tiered cake?” Immediately I started getting a bit defensive and explaining that it was only going to be a small two-tired cake, surrounded by cupcakes. Sensing my defensiveness she immediately explained that it wasn’t so long ago that I would not have even thought of having such a cake. She went on to explain that I am much happier and more confident now. I have to admit that I got a little bit teary, but I am so grateful that she has recognized the transformation that my life has taken over the years.

My childhood left me with a lot of negative feelings about myself and an eventual diagnosis of PTSD. I have been very fortunate though. Each time I felt that I just could not go on, someone came along, gave me hope and let me know that I had value. Many times it was a teacher, other times it was the parent of a friend. As I got older many of these special people became dear friends and others only stayed for a short time. The best of these people was a boy I met in college who eventually became my boyfriend and then my husband. I am still not sure that he really knew what he was getting into all those yeas ago, but I am so grateful he took a chance on me!

My transformation to happy and confident did not happen overnight. It happened because each of these people took the time to build me up when I most needed it. I have no doubt that without these people I would not be here today. And I don’t just mean here, living this wonderful life. I mean here on this earth.

Sorry if this is a bit rambling, but my point is that we are all worthy of a two-tiered birthday cake! If there are voices around you that are making you feel differently, shut them off and move towards the light and the sound of those who are singing your praises and building you up!

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