My Story

I often get asked about why I started to run, so I thought I’d share my story here.

Technically, my running journey starts back in the late 80’s at Benton Jr./Sr. High School. My best friend Jill would decide each spring to run the 5k that was part of our annual field day. Each year we would say that we were going to train, but that never happened and we’d end up just in front of the truck waiting to pick up stragglers. We’d finish the race, but then we’d walk around in pain for the better part of a week afterwards!

Flash forward to Spring of 2002. I had been doing Weight Watchers for almost 9 months but could not loose the last five pounds to hit my goal. After yet another failed weigh-in I went home and decided to start running. The path by my house is marked by tenths of a mile, so I ran 1/10th of a mile and then I walked until I could breathe again. I kept at it until I could run the 1.5 miles around without walking and then I kept going until I was regularly running as much as ten miles.

Eventually I was sidelined by injury and surgery and took a few years off. In 2011 I was facing an empty nest and decided I need a hobby. I got back to running and ran my very first 5k on January 1, 2012. I ran on my own most of the time until September of 2012 when I joined a local training program. Joining that program changed my life. I met lots of supportive, motivating people who challenged me and made me feel like I could do anything! Since joining that group I have run over 100 races, including 8 marathons. The best part is that in 2013 I got my RRCA coaching certification and now I coach that group that has kept me going strong over the last 5+ years.

Running has truly changed my life!

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